EliminateDups is a very simple application to eliminate duplicate entries in a file. In the same result set, say the next row is an NS record. The program will read a line and prepend a random number to the beginning of it. This driver is very flexible and should be able to support most database schemas. For a large number of zones this can be time-consuming. The next piece is the word “mysql”. If you specify anything other than “true” for these parameters it will be considered “false”.

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The next writer in the configuration file creates a “filesystem” database.

Using DLZ in BIND

bnd This allows a variety of database schemas to be used without modification to the driver’s code. This allows data sets to be re-used and converted to any of the file formats as needed.

This further randomizes the data, as the same names are not always used for only host names or zone names. The format is the same as discussed for the allnodes query. This conversion, and the lack of any internal caching, places significant limits on the query performance of DLZ modules.

What does matter is the number of rows that are returned. Data accepts all the other information about this record as a string.


The Postgres driver is obviously meant to be used in combination with a Postgres database. The only limitations are:.

Unlock course access forever with Packt credits. This query is used by lookup in the Postgres driver.

You can divide your data up into even more fields if you like, as long as the concatenation of the data makes sense to BIND. Notice there are no characters or spaces between the brackets. This query is used by findzone in the MySQL driver. Everything else in the configuration file must be a key: Beta testers on a variety of operating systems.

It sure beats being limited to a set schema, or building an entirely new driver! The double quote closes the command line string that was started on the second line. The driver will properly escape the string used to replace the token. Bidn standard data set is available on the downloads page.

Lookup and authority work a little differently in that they have binv values. Before using this query, the Postgres driver will use the findzone query to determine if the zone is supported by the database. The Postgres driver was built to be as flexible as possible. All of this is discussed later in the documentation.


Knowledge Articles-Using DLZ in BIND

The field returned by your result set should be just a hostname or IP address for reverse DNS queries. How many fields are returned is also of great importance.

There are no “zones” or “hosts” parameters in this file, so dnsDataGen can’t use it. If only one query is supplied, zone transfers bbind fail!

The first zones created will have 2 host entries. A Berkeley DB Driver will be implemented. This function takes five parameters and has the following signature:. Like the lookup query, the number, type and order of fields returned by the query is extremely important.

NLnet; BIND DLZ; Phase 2 Project Plan

Unfortunately, so have some of its unfavorable attributes: The second parameter “-d 1” sets BIND’s debug level elz 1. Additionally, single quotes were not used because they have special meaning in SQL queries.

It may be confusing at first to understand how to properly create an SQL query for the Postgres driver.