Subscription features were moved to the DB2 Express non “-C” product instead with price tag unchanged. See Generic SQL for more information. Of course, you cannot explicitly create or drop these system catalog tables, but you can query and view their content. IBM DB2 product family. By contrast, all other Db2 products are specific to a single platform. To understand this better, let’s look at a couple of examples.

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It is recommended that you invoke the RUNSTATS command before manually updating any statistics, so that your starting point accurately reflects the current state. This kind of query, which retrieves data from two or more tables simultaneously, is known as a join. Hdb this article, I will show you, by way of working examples, how to retrieve useful information from the DB2 UDB system catalog.

The process of creating a section from a SQL statement is referred to as compilation. It evaluates the input graph and rewrites the input QGM graph into a version that provides the maximum amount of flexibility to the next stage – the Optimizer.

Introduction to DB2 UDB

You can use the system catalog views to retrieve information about storage management objects such as table spaces. If there are problems connecting or creating the packages, an appropriate error d2 appears. Snow Apr 22, Subsequent connections do not incur this delay. They are executed under the authorization of the user who bound the package rather than under that of the run-time user.


See Trademarks for appropriate markings.

If packages are created and bound successfully, a message indicating success appears. LinuxUnix-likeWindows. If you change default values in a data source before connecting with the driver for the first time, the new defaults are used when creating the packages. What is a package? Alain Belda William R.

Within this server, a schema maps to usb Oracle Data Integrator physical schema. By contrast, all other Db2 products are specific to a single platform. How is a package created? The QGM representation is the basic information structure used by the compiler as it studies and processes the statement.

Finally, by stripping away the abstraction of the SQL statement, a section allows the SQL statement and its result set to be represented by many different SQL methods getting that result set. This article gives you a variety of examples of useful queries, but we have only scratched the surface.

For example, DB2 Express-C for 9. This script is then executed by the CLP and automatically deleted at the end of the execution. These views include columns containing statistical information that is useful to the query optimizer.

IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows welcome page

Unix versions need to be reinstalled, but it is possible to perform in-place updates on Windows versions by just running the installation program of a newer version. The initial driver connection to a particular server may take a few minutes because of the number and size of the packages that must be created on the server.


In either scenario, the DB2 database s remain intact on the server and are not touched by the software installation utility. A section is an efficient way to express the logic needed for a SQL statement because it does so directly in terms of specific DB2 UDB internal functions.

Understanding and Using Packages on DB2 UDB

See All Related Ddb2 Items. To keep the context of individual SQL statements clear, a package is subdivided into section entries. Each individual section is a product of the environment in which it is compiled. The Dh2 graph is extended and modified to account for the additional levels of information brought into play by these entities. A section is the actual executable embodiment of a SQL statement.

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