Other people have apparently done the exact same thing and not had any problems. I find that it does not keep very accurate time, but that is a very minor issue that can be kept in check with the auto-update in winxp. Sep 13, Posts: Are you sure its the BIOS? Go download the WinFlash utility here:

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It’s a minefield, it’s the board’s fault.

Would you buy this? Then I used the guide by uddarts read it all which shows these settings that i used: Jun 13, Posts: Originally posted by sumit Upon reboot, I have to manually unplug the USB2 device, then plug it back in, otherwise XP seems to ‘forget it was there.

Fri Nov 18, 1: Regardless of its noise silence or loud racketthe fan still pushes air, so it’s not a genuine hazard yet It comes with two bios nfogce4-a939, so that should help me stay out of trouble.


Cutting quality at the sort of tolerances needed on a modern motherboard is never a good idea, yet it’s ECS’ business model. Unfortunately after the reboot I again ended up with nforce4-aa939 dead board.


It’s possible that not all of the nForce4-A’s are exactly the same. Are you sure its the BIOS?


Llan DriverGuru, you were right about not needing to re-install XP. How long until that cheap NB-fan on your A decided to go on “vacation”? Feb 12, Posts: Formerly an orchard – Sunnyvale, CA Registered: Of course finding another PC with a floppy to burn the bios was also a bitch but I digress I recently tried to do this upgrade following Hat’s guide to avoid a reinstall which worked perfectly.

May 1, Posts: It lacks FireWire, which may not be a concern for you unless you have an early model iPod or like hooking up to your DV camcorder to your PC.

A word to the wise re: ECS nForce4-A boards from Fry’s – Ars Technica OpenForum

Install from a list or specific location. Even “hard” failures, ECS are way, way out ahead. Sat Nov 19, At any rate nnforce4-a939 you try flashing again and end up with another dead board you’ll probably be in the same boat as I am where you can’t return it.

Just out of curiosity, what CPU are you using? Did you move the BIOS protect jumper before flashing? If you rule out those, it leaves the board to blame.


My ECS board will probably just go in the closet, because it’s only worth about as much as it would cost to get a new bios chip. Hey haist, Just be careful if you are going on the assumption that you did something wrong with the first flash.

All I’m saying is that at this point it doesn’t seem likely to me that doing the same thing you’ve already done, but with a newer version of Winflash is going to change anything, since other people have been successful with the version lann Winflash that they downloaded from the ECS website. Sun Dec 25, 4: All things considered, this board is a great performer, but we found some of its ln features to be awkward.

The Budget Gaming Board: ECS nForce4-A939

Go download the WinFlash utility here: Here are the warning signs. View our privacy policy before signing up. Sometimes the rattling starts soon after I quit a high Nforec4-a939 usage app.