Stop the currently running DOS program. Increase the brightness of the display. To browse for a file: Motherboard Layout for Gateway Gateway The power status box shows the current power source, the battery charge level, and the power management mode. Goldbar Ventures may revise these terms of use for its web site at any time without notice.

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MP3 files and video files on any networked computer, then play them on any of the other computers or devices connected to your network.

The Search Results window opens. Important Make sure that your notebook disconnects correctly from your Internet account. You can often identify different data file types by looking at the fUe’s extension the part of the file name 450grh the last period. This docking connection is certified to UL 1 for use only with port replicators designed for your Gateway notebook.

Using Multimedia Adjusting the volume You can use the volume controls to adjust the overall volume and the volume of specific sound devices in your notebook. Caution A Make sure that you use the AC adapter that came with your notebook or one of the same type purchased from Gateway.


Start a program or open a file or folder. See your peripheral device’s user guide for installation information and tips. Because some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on implied warranties, or limitations of liability for consequential or incidental damages, these limitations may not apply to you. For more information, see “Back” on page To send a simple fax: Help and Support For more information about changing the power management settings, click Start, then click Help and Support.

Getting Started System key combinations When you press the Fn key and a system key at the same time, your notebook performs the action identified by the colored text or icon on the key. A copy of the file is downloaded to your notebook.

Ethernet Gateways

This way you will get a faster, better response from the members on Motherboard Point. Create a wired Ethernet network if:.

Help and Support For more information about saving documents, click Start, then click Help and Support. For more information about using the Windows Media Player, click Help. A notebook almost always has more than one drive. Nero Express copies the tracks or files to your hard drive. The AC adapter has dangerous voltages that can cause serious injury or death.

Ethernet Gateways | Zyxel

To adjust specific volume levels: For more information on using Hibernate mode, see “Activating and using Hibernate mode” on page Open the document in the program that it was created in. Your computer has wireless Ethernet for networking.


Let 450ryh liquid drain, then let the keyboard dry before trying to use it again.

Sending and Receiving Faxes Installing and configuring Fax Important Your modem cable must be installed before you can send and receive faxes. The Advanced Appearance dialog box opens.

Default gateway – Wikipedia

Windows provides several backgrounds, or you can use pictures that you have created or retrieved from other sources. When finished, Disk Defragmenter asks if you want to quit the program.

Always keep your notebook with you while waiting in airports, train stations, or bus terminals. The Add Printer wizard opens. Networking Your Gateway After doing this, you can disconnect and reconnect the device at any time. The packet contains source and destination, not all router hops.