For , , and models. Does not apply Rack Indicator, Rack 14 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the fourteenth rack for a multi-rack order. The Journaled File System maintains file system consistency and reduces the likelihood of data loss when the system is abnormally halted due to a power failure. This cable has one mini SAS 4X plug connector on the adapter end wired in 4x mode and one mini SAS 4X plug connector on the drawer end, wired in 4x mode. No max Initial order maximum: When used with IBM supported Fibre Channel storage switches supporting long-wave optics, distances of up to 10 kilometers are capable running at either 1 Gps or 2 Gps data rates. Integrated dual 1 GB Ethernet controller-port A.

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Not all p features available under the AIX operating system. People’s Republic of China. Automatic Ring-Speed selection prevents “wrong speed” insertion into 52aa ring, even when connected to speed-sensing hubs.

DDR2 Memory Attributes required: If these RANs are connected the synchronous channel the data rate drops down to 1.

A – IBM 52A 2-way, Ghz, x1 Processor

Fri, Oct 30, PHB2 high speed double data rate. A 2-way system requires that two of this feature be installed. Normal state – LED is off. But, if Ultra2, Ultra3, or Ultra devices coexist on the same bus, each device will operate at its rated speed.


Rear Muffler Attributes required: Use this information to help you map a location code to a position on the server for the,, and A models.

System p5 /Q * /G, 36MB L3, 1GB, 1/2/4-way, 6×11

Each processor card contains 1. Service Agent The Service Agent is available at no additional charge. Each port can be individually programmed to provide a asynchronous connection of Kbaud, but a limited number of ports in a maximum configuration ports can 52w supported at this baud rate. Feature numbers, and require that a minimum 2-way processor be installed in the system.

Service Processor The Service Processor that is standard on the System p5 systems provides the capability to diagnose, 5a2 the status of, and sense the operational conditions of a remote system. Does not apply Rack Indicator, Rack 16 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the sixteenth rack for a multi-rack order. When you click on a link on Kimbrer.

There are two internal ports and two external ports. A maximum of 32 GB of system memory is allowed in the system.

9131-52A – IBM 52A 2-way, 2.1Ghz, 8316×1 Processor

Connection of 1 to 4 T1 Trunk lines. Fan speed monitoring provides a warning and an orderly system shutdown when jbm speed is out of operational specification. Adapter uses RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet connector.


Devices supported The following external machine types are supported on the indicated models for MT Cisco Excess equipment are usually canceled orders, over-production and demo models and can be recognised by the Cisco product number, followed by —WS. The p allows customers to replace service parts customer replaceable unit.

Family 9131+01 IBM System p5 520 and IBM System p5 520 Express

OS does not support scrolling with 25a wheel. It is a A rack integration indicator is required on all 19″ Rack mountable device initial orders. Media Data Transfer Rate: These items come in original retail packaging with all applicable accessories included. Error Log Analysis ELA can be used to display the failure cause and the physical location of the failing hardware.

System will not be shipped in a rack. The 2 meter cable has ubm male LC type connector on one end and a female SC type connector on the other. Does not apply Return parts MES: One adapter and cable For A: