However, we’re trying to see what we can do about it. Where and for how much can we get them? Using interface ppp0 Nov 2 I think that the bugs are in some manner related. Also getting a fresh full modemmanager –debug together with the full syslog would be helpful i think.

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Correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t know if anyone else has enquired about this Option router in the forums. Relaunching the application results in the same error message. Why are you avoiding the locking question V3G? Alexander Sack asac wrote on So it should be only a few mouse clicks before you’re blogging live from Baluchistan.

When do we get this? [Option GlobeSurfer ICON USB Modem]

Joined Jul 18, Messages After installing network-manager and modemmanager I stopped the first one, killed modem-manager and started network-manager.

I can’t connect after upgrade to Karmic, which is severe bug for me The application is being developed but there is no official release date available at this moment. In most cases, the promised land is upload speeds of 2Mbps and downloads of 7.


Other thing is that the system in general doesn’t – everything is slooow ; — Pedrito. So I clicked it and then clicked connect. I can’t connect to the net since Ivon and NM0.

Nov 7, 2: So what’s the alternative? There must be a reason for that.

OPTION Globesurfer iCON Modem

Sep 28Time: I ico confirm that the issue could be kernel related. Launchpad couldn’t import bug from Linux Kernel Bug Tracker. From the retail channel as per normal, but I don’t have pricing. I’m also wondering why NM0. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. To post a comment you must log in.

This is not a usb device only ethernet as far as I can see but this looks globesurefr a piece of networking genius. The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug.

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When do we get this? [Option GlobeSurfer ICON USB Modem] | MyBroadband

I’m a subscriber of bug marked as a duplicate of this one and just want to say that my Option Globetrotter 3G still does not work. Joined Jul 2, Messages 10, By this weekend, I’ll have a partition set up only for test with you’re PPA so feel free to call me for guinea pig duties: Changed in modemmanager Ubuntu: I will revert when I hear back from them.


On Mon, Sep 28, at ATM NetworkManager always works for me at the second attempt. Joined Jun 8, Messages Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Otherwise the Orange Free software wouldn’t find it.