Auto Start option is where you can control iproxy to start or not to start automatically. Launch Netscape Navigator 2. Being SSL compliant, you can be sure that every session using smart card is secure and private. If the card reader is disconnected while ivest Client is loading, the task has to be killed. Select Use a proxy server under Proxy server.

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The ivest Gate icon in the taskbar will change to the following: Enable file transfers up to 15MB using dial-up.

Pull card from the reader and re-insert. You will see a ribbon icon on your right of your to confirm your is signed. You need to restart your ivest Gate for new changes to take effect! Click Encrypt button to encrypt your.

Select the certificate that you want to view. The import was successful screen will appear.

ivest Client 4.0 Release User Guide

The Release version or. How to start and exit ivest Gate 1.


Supports cryptographic smart cards. Check all the listed functions: Your smart card will be blocked if you type in three invalid PINs consecutively. Secure Secure is an application that you may use with your smart uvest.

Scribe Insight Installation Guide. Click Manage Certificates button. At the Netscape Navigation ivrst, Click Security.

For other users, you need to configure the settings manually. The information contained in this. Highlight ivest Cryptographic Library 2.

The ivest PIN Request will be displayed.

The socket timeout is extended to 20 minutes thus allowing the transfer rate to be improved and the connection timeout with heavy network load to be resolved.

If you are using more than one ISP, you should highlight and set the configuration for each setting. Click OK to close all the windows and re-launch Internet Gxte. The Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Please insert ivest Client 4. You will see a padlock icon on your right of your ivezt confirm your is encrypted.


iVest Gate Error – Error listing reader | MUYMG

Unable to change setting at ivest Gate Startup setting ivest Gate Warning: No part of this publication More information. Follow the following steps for each certificate file in C: Click Manage Certificates button on right hand ivedt. The certificate properties window will appear, showing the details of Issued to, Issued by and Valid From of your digital certificate.

The software described in this guide More information. Equitrac Integrated for Konica Minolta 1.

Jvest ivest Gate and re-start ivest Gate. The private key is used to create signatures and the public key is used to verify these signatures. Launch your Netscape Navigator.