You end up with a segmentation fault http: Its been hinted to in a number of posts, though never detailed upon. Check its contents as well. Or “ide-core ide-generic” in the initramfs? So, let me put this in one post

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If the wireless is the same as the SH8, then yes. You end up with a segmentation fault http: Again the penmount site has the source code for ubuntu 8.

Currently on my sc3, I have 1 instance of ubuntu hardy 8. Anybody knows how much is a replacement and where to get one?

So if you have random data think data from deleted files, here – what! The external monitor, projector kohjisnha my case, Just Worked tm.

I’ve read that the dell mini uses similar screen drivers. Safest option is still the complete disk image. The video corruption goes away if I turn off Compiz. I’ve had some trouble outputting to an external display and had to mess around with wireless, but I’ve had it working months now no problems.

IMHO its not even worth the space to dual boot at this current point. I also just tried booting to the USB stick then selecting “Boot from first Hard disk”, editing the kernel params and booting.


Easier said than done, for as soon as you do it you realize that grub simply cannot chainload to a boot loader in a logical partition http: I think you are right, the chipset xh8 has some kind of non-standard behavior with respect to the IDE interface that makes it behave oddly with Linux software. The entire driver data store was reworked just before the Windows 7 Release Candidate was finalized. Install the syslinux package, which includes extlinux: Keep me posted if you find any workarounds.

What we are doing here is effectively filling up the partition’s unused blocks with zero-bytes. You can install from the liveCD. For some reason, the SC3 then boots.

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When Win 7 first came out as the beta version i upgraded vista and everything worked fine. I finally managed to get my SC3 booting Ubuntu directly using extlinux instead of grub. Since grub2 is not yet off the mint, information to fix problems with it can be hard to come by I will not be on support – too lazy and too ignorant you see. Also, with the new poulsbo-3d stuff from ubuntu-mobile ppa I have compiz working as well.


Drivers for mfp mdw

This is how I did it: I think this all is related to each other. On the ‘Configuring grub-pc’ screen ensure ‘Chainload from menu. Harddisk Dear all, Anyone have a good working Kohjinsha harddisk to spare Dang, I thought it was working Libva is from http: IDE interface trouble might also be at the root of the failure of the grub setup command.

If you only want to backup particular partitions, partimage is the way to go. Which version of OpenSuSE are you using that worked? However its entirely due to it that today I have a 8 Gig super system rescue usb with 6 different system tool cds and 7 different OS live cds all booting from grub chainloading to their syslinux bootloaders in their logical partitions http: