The slide holder is also a little unusual in the way that the slides “float” between two sets of spring-loaded fingers. Also, note how the histogram curves occupy a fairly small amount of the horizontal space allotted to them. By default, you can adjust any of the slider controls independently of any other. The scanner should show in the list either on Other Devices or Imaging Devices. To be honest, I just found few versions of. I have three of these and use them with cheapo PT flash triggers for strobist work. Do this without connecting your scanner.

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About this product Product Information Expect brighter and sharper images, every time, when you are using the Minolta Maxxum AF shoe mount flash by Konica. Conclusion In the Dimage Scan Speed, Minolta has crafted a combination of capabilities and software features into a unit that produces good image quality with a minimum of tweaking. Fujitsu fi Document Scanner It worked fine for me so I thought I’ll share it with you.

For those not familiar with histograms though, a brief explanation would probably be in order. Click the details tab and select the property Hardware Ids. Great for beginner strobist work. Skip to main content. While a seemingly minor point, the eyedroppers can quickly make gross adjustments in the overall tone and color balance, and provide a good jumping-off point for your own finer adjustments. Dull, flat image has a compressed histogram, with no information above the midtone level in any channel.


May i just express my gratitude for this great sharing!

Konica Minolta Maxxum AF Shoe Mount Flash for Konica Minolta | eBay

The back pressure plate then hinges back down and latches, clamping the film flat. The USAF resolution target gave as usual more conservative qqs figures, with the scanner resolving cleanly down to This produces maximum image sizes of x pixels for 35mm The “Variations” screen also has a button that enlarges the current minotla to full-screen size, making it easier to assess the current picture quality.

The scanner should show in mibolta list either on Other Devices or Imaging Devices. In concept, tone curve controls are as simple as can be: At middle left are three of the most immediately useful tools, the eyedroppers for setting white, black, and gray points. Well its official them – Hawk is a hero A large peak on a histogram graph means there’s a lot of pixels a large area with roughly the same brightness values.

MINOLTA / Quick Scan 35 / QS-2800 / Minolta scanner-(1a

This Konica camera flash gives you the ability to cover a wider image area for better results. This all sounds more complicated than it is: Greetings, Matthias Edited by matthiaspaul – 01 October at Unlike many “clamshell” designs, minokta slot holding the film is a fixed structure. Anyone want to guess what the gray eyedropper button does?

Tone Curve Adjustments The tone curves window shown below offers a set of controls that are at once easier to understand than mknolta of the histogram display, yet considerably less straightforward to apply effectively. Do this without connecting your scanner.


The histogram screen includes “before” and “after” previews, and a number of controls for adjusting the image. It might be useful to track this down in order to avoid many different versions of the file floating around with only partial support.

Below are our “best guesses” as to what they do:.

Mibolta Window This window shown below is “home base” for the scanning process. Recently though, they’ve been making significant waves in the digital camera and scanner markets, with their highly capable and expandable!

List of Minolta products – Wikipedia

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Also, I find it a bit odd, that the new file suggests a connection of Sony with Konica Minolta’s former scanner business. The slide holder is also a little unusual in the way that the slides “float” between two sets of spring-loaded fingers.

If I remember correctly I found this. Contrast and brightness are about right, and the results are readily as in the histogram curves for it.