Type the name and press OK. Click OK, and then in Video tab click Apply to confirm the modifications you made. Turn on OSD When you select the checkbox next to Turn on OSD On-screen Display , channel information such as channel numbers, channel names, and audio quality will be displayed as you switch channels. Click Streaming Profile to set streaming quality. Select components to be installed and click Next to continue.

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Commercial Skip Select the amount of time to jump forward when using the commercial skip feature.

MSI MEGA TV Tuner Card MS-8606 – TV tuner / video capture adapter – PCI

Follow the instruction on page to active teletext service. Repeat steps above for any additional channels you want to rename.

The supplied power cable must be attached to ensure the card working properly. There are 4 visual effects for your preference.

Attach the other ends of the power cable to the power supply connector of the computer. Type in the new name and select ok.

Download MSI TV Tuner Master WDM Driver for Windows 2K, Windows XP

Click Install Philips TeleText. This value is for reference only, depending on the type of memory implemented Fill Rate: The current name and channel number appear on the right side of the property page. You can use MSI PVS to record a stream of full-motion video plus audio from your video source and save it in real-time using MPEG-2 encoding directly to a designated location on your hard disk.


Highlight the channel you want to enable or disable as a favorite. You can also jump directly to the channel number you wish to watch by using your numeric keypad. Click OK, and then in Video tab click Apply to confirm the modifications you made.

The MSI Radio icon will show on the desktop.

MS | Msi MS [email protected] Master Tv Tuner

Dual channel – Dual-channel processing allows control of completely independent effects on the left and right channels. Audio Language In some countries, a secondary audio channel might be available. You may preview a program by clicking once on the image.

If any item contained is damaged or missing, please contact your local dealer 3D graphics as soon as possible. Use the down arrow to select one of the aspect ratio options: The Timeshifting mode can either be set to Normal or Record mode. All cautions and warnings on the equipment should be noted. Always Unplug the Power Cord before inserting any add-on card or module. The value and of Fine tune frequency scale will function to the that of Scan frequency scale to the and buttons while buttons.

You can highlight the file in the profiles list, and then click Modify to modify the content of the record quality. If you want to create a new record quality, you can click Create, and then another property window will become available, allowing the following customizations.


Choose the Sample Rate from the dropdown menu. You can decide whether to use the Timeshifing feature within a limited buffer time frame, or record a show without any time limits. The changeable skins of the MSI Radio can make your taste more unique and personalized. The pictures used in 4.

Always remember to turn off your computer before installing or removing hardware to or from your computer. To return to normal view, end channel surfing by pressing again. The station information that you input will shows when the mouse over memory buttons. In simplified mode, some functions will be hidden.

The number of channels available varies depending on whether you are using an antenna or cable TV, along with the country settings supported by your TV tuner. Highlight the file name in the program list, double-click or press Play to start playback.

Select which language channel you want to use by clicking the appropriate radio box.