Already have an account? Log in or sign up in seconds. However like others have mentioned it lacks features that the M80 and VT Deluxe have. Yes it can definitely be used in front of an amp to boost the gain from a passive bass and it works great for that purpose. The EQ works well for getting the tone right for the room. It’s got a tube pre section with 12 voicings 9 clean, 3 gritty, and you can still jack up the gain on the clean channels to get even more gritty voicings.

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I really like mine, but I didn’t try out a sansamp first, just snagged the M80 cheap used.

NachobassmanSasnamp 25, Aug 15, Messages: So the Ashdown isn’t really even the same thing as the M or SansAmp. You’ll never have to second-guess your decision or wonder whether you should have gotten a sansamp.

SansAmp Bass Driver DI or MXR M80 DI+

Posted August 19, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Spencer’s stuff. I echo most of the above comments. Feb 9, Messages: I meant the M JSmithDec 23, But Sans Amp is just doing it right Bass submitted 6 years ago by DrKoolaide. It is the meat and potatoes of what I would consider “my sound”. This with a good compressor is enough for a working stage rig IMO. When using rehearsal studios I just DI into the PA with my M80 rather than hump ssansamp rig around or use or hire their crappy backline.


MXR M vs Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI. | Harmony Central

Yes, my password is: FlorinDec 27, Sansamp controls basically amount to “more” or “less” of the “Sansamp sound”. The m80 does and it’s pretty nice.

Yes it fattens up the tone but for me it adds too much of a mid scoop. Of course you are going to get varied answers and depending on what you are trying to do will get you different things. If you want something that sounds like a Sansamp, you will never go wrong with a Sansamp.

Since moved to a Tubepath head so I don’t use it anymore but it worked great for recording and going to the board. Resist the urge to start “gig pic” “bass face” and sansxmp photo” threads.

I really wish I’d have kept the Zoom that I had a few years ago. Have never played the m but I have the three channel sansamp and I absolutely love it. Bob Gollihur vd, rumpelstiltskin. It’s got a tube pre section with 12 voicings 9 clean, 3 gritty, and you can still jack up the gain on the clean channels to get even more gritty voicings. Do sansammp it out in a shop if you can, but I always say the best way to know a piece of gear is to actually get it and get to live with it, using it in your specific situation.


SansAmp Vs. MXR M? What is better? – MusicPlayer Forums

I forgot a very important feature too that has saved my ass cause I play in a very noisy space: I’ve tried both and like most here chose the MXR. Having the mid control on the MXR was another factor in my decision. The SansAmp is the way to go but, it’s rather limited. In short, I can’t help you out, but I’m confused to why you want one.

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