The geometry of the shapes is more consistent and the smallest counters have been enlarged improving readability and eveness. However, its use is far from being normalised. Painting by Smaïl Metmati. Youssef Ait Ouguenguay interview May , standardisation was the priority, hence the adoption of the traditional geometric style — much the same as its predecessors — without a deep relection on aesthetic or stylistic questions. That means that every language using a bicameral script has a set of rules for capitalisation that, as likely as not, differ from each other.

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Le Max du Web. How- ever, when it comes to the goal of bicameralism, a more system- atic approach — that is, the development of a family structure in which every member is available in all the styles and cases — would be a favourable improvement if an effective bicameralism is to be achieved. The Irca Standard is the universal jrcam coding standard used for representation of text for computer pro- cessing. Degrees of complexity, stroke continuity Reduction by omission of details and types of combinations in complicated characters were studied Parts preserved with a twofold purpose: All my gratitude to Anna and my family for their help, care and encouragement. As a result, the Amazigh tifinzgh adopted other scripts over history and it uses three different writing systems nowadays Figure 1.

However, its use is far from being normalised.

tifinagh latin ircam

It has been the core of the code range for Tiinagh since version 4. First trials wtih modulated strokes. As seen in Section 2. It is worth noting that what is discussed here has nothing to do with stylis- tic choices.

As long as the meaning of the words engraved has become clearer for the Tuareg people, they are no longer re- ported as transitional, which makes the demarcation be- tween these two periods rather vague Figure 3.

Regarding the cursive style, the fonts Tinmlt and Tinmlt Sin are upright cursives speciically designed for handwriting manuals for Figure 5. Connections due to the addition Figure 5.


Up to About Further steps will have to be taken if the initial goals are to be achieved, but their accomplishment is dependent on both the quality of the work and the support from Amazigh associations, in- stitutions and local authorities. However, the fact that the Tiinagh was originally a consonan- tal system, the double coincidence in sign and phoneme with a few letters of the old Phoenician alphabet, and the absence of any previ- ous pictographic or syllabic stages, draws a clear link to the second proposition Bouhjar Examples of news- papers connected with Amazigh movements can also be found, Figure 1.

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However, it is when set in long texts that the problems of monotony and uniformity begin to be observable for the irst time. The focus — in both the cursive and the lowercase pro- posals — was on the primary structure of the letterforms.

tifinagh latin ircam

Areski Nait-Abdallah, pro- fessor at the University of Western Ontario, devised a basic word processor called Awal Amazigh that allowed the Tiinagh characters to be written through an Amazigh interface. Both scripts, Tiinagh and Meetei Mayek, face similar challenges as they pursue their acceptance and adoption as autochthonous writing systems in contexts in tifinayh the foreign scripts that re- placed them have become common.

Clavier virtuel Amazigh Tifinagh

Further typographical develop- ments are shown in next section. The main drawback is the lack of an uppercase proofs of usage, which makes this a tricky set not even in a separate ilemaking the use of a different font question to solve. The Tiinagh Ircam Unicode font represents a milestone in ircqm respect.

Ajouter le widget Google Plus followers pour Blogger. Proportions Regarding the vertical axis, no ascenders and descenders are used in the Tiinagh script. tifinagb

Tamazight – Système de translittération ALA-LC

Amazigh and Tiinagh in Morocco 11 1. Two further characters were added in code 6. The comparison of uppercase and lowercase forms reveal also the diferent degrees of resemblance between majuscule and minuscule alphabets depending on the script. The irst public decision made by the ircam was the choice of Tiinagh as the oficial script for the Amazigh language, which gave rise to criticism from both Islamic groups and associations promot- ing the Latin script.


How these two related processes unfold in the near future is an intriguing question, but what is apparent is that both could beneit from the lessons learned by the other. The fact that only one instance of metal type has been found is just one illustration of this scarcity.

Alphabet tifinaghe

Blogger a introduit une autre nouvelle fonctionnalité très utile de permaliens personnalisés pour blogueur. While not identical, all of them have in common the introduction of four new signs for vowels while retaining, to dif- ferent degrees, the most common letters of the Tuareg scripts. Youssef Ait Ouguenguay interview Maystandardisation was the priority, hence the adoption of the traditional geometric style — much the same as its predecessors — without a deep relection on aesthetic or stylistic questions.

The new optimised typefaces A specimen with 16 typefaces created after this exploration was published by the ircam in see Appendix 4. The work of the ircam as well as other relevant projects that took place at the time will be dealt with in next chapter.

Adaptations, that is, alterations aimed at an easier rendi- tion of the letterforms, like stroke torsion, angle rounding, changes in starting and lztin points, resizing, relocation, displacement or sloping.